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Samsung Exynos ARM & ARM64 Linux kernel wiki

Welcome to the Wiki about Samsung Exynos ARM and ARM64 Linux kernel support.

Notice: Samsung S3C24xx and S3C64xx (planned) deprecation and removal

There is on-going discussion whether the Samsung S3C24xx and S3C64xx platforms should be deprecated and eventually removed. See the linux-samsung-soc mailing list for details.

Please reach to us and share your feedback about Samsung S3C24xx and S3C64xx if:

  • you are an active user of these platforms,
  • you know active users of these platforms,
  • you wish to keep the platforms alive for some other reasons.

Current patch queue

Patches for Samsung Exynos machine code, DeviceTree sources and pinctrl drivers are managed in patchwork. You can always check there what is waiting for review or still being discussed.

Patches for Samsung Exynos clock, DRM and other drivers are managed by their respective maintainers by email.


Take a look at list of TODO tasks and Patches in progress. You may also check Community for resources and other work around Exynos Linux kernel.



  • krzk at kernel org
  • linux-samsung-soc at vger kernel org
  • IRC: #linux-exynos @
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