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TODO tasks

Various tasks to do:

  1. Use one cooling map for all cooling devices (follow up on dt: thermal: Fix broken cooling-maps) (reported by: krzk)
  2. Artik5: add support for AX88796C SPI Ethernet driver (kernel driver is there, but lacks DT support) (reported by: Marek Szyprowski)
  3. Lack of REGULATOR_ARIZONA_LDO1 in .config on TM2 causes endless loop: (reported by: Marek Szyprowski)
    1. [ 23.819995] arizona spi1.0: Mixer dropped sample
    2. [ 23.937026] arizona spi1.0: Spurious HPDET IRQ
    3. [ 23.937353] arizona spi1.0: Mixer dropped sample
    4. [ 24.052646] arizona spi1.0: Spurious HPDET IRQ
  4. ARTIK 10 support (hw very similar to Odroid XU3/XU4), should be relatively easy to get it supported
  5. Odroid XU1 (Exynos5410): add support for HDMI/Exynos DRM, MFC, GScaller, SYSMMU. In theory only clock definitions are missing to get it working (same HW as in Exynos542x SoCs).
  6. Add Exynos5250 variant to s5p-jpeg driver (very similar to Exynos4210/4412) (reported by: Marek Szyprowski)
  7. runtime pm core: fix race in turning generic power domains off (turning off many devices at once typically leaved power domain turned on) (reported by: Marek Szyprowski)
  8. FIMD: trashed display (or even DMA freeze) on too narrow planes (i.e. cursor on right screen border), workaround in Chromebook kernel: (reported by: Marek Szyprowski)
  9. All non-timer IRQs are always triggered on CPU0, not distributed over all active CPUs. This hurts performance especially on systems, where CPU0 is a LITTLE core. (reported by: Marek Szyprowski)
  10. Improve support for Exynos5420 Arndale Octa (in progress: krzk)
  11. Add support for inl1-inl6 supplies to S2MPS11 (Odroid XU3/XU4 family), just like Odroid XU and Documentation/devicetree/bindings/regulator/max77802.txt (suggested-by: krzk)
  12. Fix entering AFTR (cpuidle) when some power domains are off.
    1. The problem is in PMU driver which unconditionally writes certain values into power management registers. These values - depending on sleep mode (AFTR, LPA, sleep) - might conflict with regular power domain state. For example, ISP power domain on Exynos4412 might be turned off by runtime power management and PMU while entering AFTR will store there value of 0x1 - turn on.
    2. Suggested fixes:
      1. Move power domain handling code into PMU and make PMU/AFTR code aware of current state of power domains. PMU driver will be providing power domains in the same way as clock provider (so no separate nodes for power domains).
      2. Optionally, simpler approach might be just reading current value of power domain register when entering AFTR and using it for other registers of this block.
      3. Another temporary workaround might be to remove power domain registers from PMU when entering (only) AFTR.
    3. See also initial patch by Marek which was not accepted (reported by: Marek Szyprowski)
  13. Test Mali drivers (ARM Mali400, ARM Midgard, Lima and Panfrost) with kernel DTS settings on Exynos3250, Exynos4210, Exynos4412, Exynos5250, Exynos542x and Exynos5433. Resources: Lima status, tools and doc, off screen rendering Lima tool
  14. Add Mali GPU cooling devices for all SoCs and test DVFS, DVFS values and Exynos specifics on Tizen with Mali400
  15. Fix DTC warnings (make dtbs W=1)
  16. Convert bindings to json-schema (for some of them in progress - krzk, see dt-bindings: arm: samsung: Convert Samsung board/soc bindings to json-schema)
  17. Fix DT schema errors (make dtbs_check)
  18. XU4 hangs with big.LITTLE cpuidle cpuidle big_little driver on Odroid-xu4 (reported by: Jaafar Ali)

Please let us know if you pick up working on specific task to avoid duplicating efforts. Especially before picking up item in progress, please get in touch with mentioned person. Feel free to contact the person mentioned as “Reported by” or mailing list for more details. Also consider credits (Reported-by or Suggested-by) when developing patch.

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